Light Warriors – A RMF membership program to end human trafficking

Light warriors is the global membership initiative of the Ricky Martin Foundation. Our goal is to create an army of peacemakers to denounce and combat human trafficking . By joining our fight and recruiting others you will help us end modern day slavery. A light warrior is defined by honor and bravery. Their aim is to do justice and find peace for those who have been deprived from their freedom.

Become a Light Warrior and help us make our education programs to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation a reality. Your support will further strengthen our research about this modern scourge, and help us build us the Tau Center for Children in Puerto Rico.

With your monthly or annual contribution ($ 2.00 – $ 50.00), you become a global member of the Ricky Martin Foundation. You will receive our social impact report, know how you can help deter and report child exploitation, as well as receive discounts on our e-shop, and participate in our raffles.

Light Warriors will receive:
I. RMF Quarterly Newsletter
II. 5% discount on the E-SHOP
III. Raffles Memorabilia/ Merchandise RMF
IV. RMF Social Impact Report
V. Your e-certificate for the Warrior Beam for Facebook

Join our army of peaceful warriors to end human trafficking:


People for Children Fundraiser at Longchamp, New York

Ricky Martin showed up for the People for Children Fundraiser at Longchamp on Sunday, October 21. The event was open for donors who “bought a brick” or just sent their donation in support of RMF’s Child Development and Prevention Center in Loiza, Puerto Rico. The center is under construction and scheduled to be open in the Winter of 2013 -2014. (To know more about RMF Center, click HERE )

People for Children Fundraiser at Longchamp

The event started at 11:00am in Longchamp Store, 132 Spring Street (info from Foundation for Social Change). Lots of our “Ricky friends” presented with support and enjoyed a nice speech by Ricky Martin. People who are interested can send their donations via the official site of RMF any time and will receive an acknowledgement letter in PDF.

Here’s a video shared by Ana Miklowcic, one of the most active fans of Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin in the event of the foundation


As the main theme of this site,  I’d like to introduce the People For Children program of Ricky Martin Foundation. Full text from its official website is as following. RMF has updated the whole website and made it more interactive just before I started this blog. Congrats :)

Ricky and RMF Logo

Our principal project launched in 2004 was created to provide education and solutions for international efforts to abolish child trafficking, a modern form of slavery.

It was born from a humbling experience; in 2002 Martin witnessed the horrors of human trafficking as he rescued three trembling girls living in the impoverished streets of India. Preventing these girls from falling prey to this horrendous crime was a personal awakening.

That was more than a decade ago. Since then, he knew that his Foundation had a moral duty to shed a light on this taboo subject. Education has been our pillar from the outset.

This unscrupulous market — which consists of 27 million victims worldwide, according to the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report — generates up to $32 billion annually, an amount only rivaling that of the trafficking of arms and drugs. Of that 27 million, UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million are children who are trafficked every year to work as forced labor, in the commercial sex industry, in prostitution and in other forms of slavery.

But numbers don’t matter: Preventing one or 200 children from traffickers validates our mission. As stated by the United Nations, human trafficking is one of the greatest human rights challenges of this century around the globe.

No one should be exploited and deprived of his or her freedom. We believe every child has the right to be a child, and we aim to provide this most vulnerable segment of the population, a safer world through a comprehensive and symbiotic vision.

The Ricky Martin Foundation aims to combat child trafficking by building support for the following goals: Global Awareness, Investigations and Education.

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