“In my 2002 trip to India I witnessed the horrors of human trafficking as we rescued three trembling girls living on the streets in plastic bags. Saving these girls from falling prey to exploitation was a personal awakening. I immediately knew the Foundation had to fiercely battle this scourge.

That was six years ago… Since then the Foundation expanded and launched PEOPLE FOR CHILDREN, an international initiative that condemns child exploitation. The project’s goal is to provide awareness, education and support for worldwide efforts seeking the elimination of human trafficking – with special emphasis on children.”

— Ricky Martin at Llama y Vive (Call and Live) Campaign, 2008

In his memoir Me published in 2010, Ricky Martin tells about his experience in India and how he started Ricky Martin Foundation. The Foundation, with the mission to “advocate for the well being of children around the world in critical areas such as education, health and social justice”, is running a program called “People for Children”.  Human trafficking, especially children trafficking, should be the biggest enemy we are fighting against.

Thanks to social networking, people are much more aware of the existence of this modern day slavery. However, we find other issues in the news feeds. For example, children from less developed area may suffer from extreme poverty, and some may be bullied or mistreated, even by their family and teachers, solely because of the inhuman concept of upbringing.

In this blog we care about the charity work of Ricky Martin and his foundation, as well as sharing the news and opinions on the well being of children around the world.

Ricky Martin has been the inspiration of my life for many years. As a supporter from the far east I never met him in person but I was deeply influenced by his attitude toward life. After reading his book I made some big decision and I feel stronger every minute. His music, his performance, his encouragement and his beauty from inside out made my day, while I could never express enough gratitude to him.

— Janessa Wu, B.Eng in Digital Media Arts from China, is now studying videography and broadcast news in Canada.


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