Five women arrested for trafficking of newborn baby girl in India

From Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore Nov 10

Five women have been arrested for being involved in the trafficking of a newborn girl, born of an illicit relationship, at Lady Goschen Hospital here.

The arrested are Yashodha, Champa, Pramila, Sukanya and Gulabi. Yashodha from Beltangady taluk, with the help of the hospital sweepers Pramila and Sukanya, sold her illicit newborn girl soon after the delivery in the same hospital. After the matter came to the notice of Venur police following a complaint filed by Venur residents, the police investigated the case and traced the five accused.

Addressing a press meet here on Saturday November 10, SP Abhishek Goyal said that Yashodha, whose husband was in Mumbai, delivered a girl baby on April 2, 2012 after being admitted at Lady Goshchen hospital the previous day. It was her second child. Yashodha’s elder sister Champa, an accused in the case made Yashodha stay with her.

Yashodha was reluctant to keep the child with her and planned to sell it off. Sweepers in Lady Goshchen hospital namely Pramila and Sukanya promised to help Yashodha in this case.

Goyal added that both the sweepers contacted an outside party, Gulabi, a beedi worker in this regard. Gulabi offered to buy the baby for Rs 22,000, out of which Rs 12,000 was shared by the two sweepers. Gulabi then sold off the baby to Jayaraj and Rajivi couple, residents of Varkady village in Kasargod taluk, 7 months ago. The couple were married for 25 years without a child. Jayaraj, a bank employee, did not follow any of the legal procedures in adopting the baby.

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The city’s Child Welfare Committee member Vanitha Torvi said that in this particular case, there was illegal birth, illegal sale and illegal adoption. About the birth, she said, “llicit pregnancy results in disrespect to the child and the mother too. ” See: Details about Birth Certificate in India.

A Tale of child trafficking

“Mother selling their own newborns” still happens in poor rural areas. According to a report 10 year ago, in some rural villages in China,  a newborn might be sold by their parents for between 1000 to 2000 RMB ($150 to $300), and usually be taken far away by traffickers and resold for more than five times the price. A recent report reveals that 16 of 168 arrested suspects from the southwest province of Sichuan this year were “producers and traffickers of infants,” a.k.a. mother-traffickers who sold their own babies.


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